Apple reaches $22.5 million settlement for scratched iPod nanos

It's been a few years and a couple of different nano generations since the first lawsuits started flying, but it looks like those that found themselves with the scratch magnet known as the first-gen iPod nano may soon be able to get a bit of payback for their troubles, as Apple has reached a $22.5 million settlement following a class-action lawsuit. Under the settlement, Apple would pay out $25 to each person that bought a first-gen nano that didn't include a slip case, and $15 to those that bought one after Apple started including free slip cases, not to mention the usual attorney fees and other litigation expenses. All of that is still subject to a judge's approval at a court hearing on April 28th, however, and it could possibly be further delayed by appeals, but those looking to get in on the action (and willing to wait) can find all the necessary details at the link below.

[Via AppleInsider, thanks Mark]