Aptera rolls out first pre-production vehicle, promises shipments in October

Although the swoopy Aptera electric went up for pre-orders back in October of 2007, we haven't really seen much of the futuristic car outside of the odd Star Trek cameo. Hopefully that's about to change, though -- the company just rolled out the first pre-production example its flagship model, the 2e. The three-wheeled car gets the equivalent of 200mpg, and the company claims the lithium-ion battery pack will last for 100 miles on a single charge. Aptera isn't giving out final pricing information apart from "between $25,000 and $45,000" but it says over 4,000 potential customers have already signed up for a planned California-only October release. We'll see how it goes -- and we'd bet the folks at the Automotive X-Prize are keeping a sharp eye as well.