Metareview -- Skate 2 (360, PS3)

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|01.23.09

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Metareview -- Skate 2 (360, PS3)
True story: We were going to review Skate 2 ourselves, but we ... no, not we ... I, I Justin McElroy sucked too bad at it to review it. I don't know if my thumbs are just too stupid or what, but as a long-time Tony Hawk fan, I found it hard not to pine for a game that let me press one button and automagically grind on a space dinosaur's boner.

Here's what more qualified people had to say:
  • GamePlayer (95/100):"Skate 2 is a brilliant game. For the most part it takes the fantastic template laid down in the original and injects it with a smartly integrated new move-set, an exciting world to rip to shreds, and the same addictive, unquestionably stylish gameplay which saw the Tony Hawk series bolt for the hills."
  • Totally 360 (90/100): "Overall the development team should be commended for making another excellent skating title. Everything runs really smoothly and it seems to have come together really well. The new features add on to what was already a fun experience with the original."
  • IGN (83/100): "Technically an improvement over the first title, and anyone who hadn't yet played the original should skip it and go right to the second. It's a really fun game that allows you to play it the way you want with a control scheme that is second-to-none at the moment. However, it's far from perfect.
  • GamePro (80/100): "The first Skate was a refreshing take on virtual skateboarding, so expectations were high for this one. Maybe they were a little too high: Skate 2 doesn't quite deliver the revolutionary skating experience that we were all hoping it would be."
Source -- Metacritic: Skate 2 (Xbox 360)
Source -- Metacritic: Skate 2 (PS3)
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