Tmsuk T-34 robot speaks softly, carries a big net

We've seen robots controlled by cellphones before, but nothing quite like the T-34 from Tmsuk, creator of an amazing variety of bots that range from whimsical to menacing. The T-34 falls somewhere in-between, looking decidedly like a purple monster truck that's been granted the ability to trap -- or at least inconvenience -- baddies. A remote operator can get a live feed of what the T-34 is seeing and then fire a large weighted net when the target is in range. As you can see in the video below it does look to be rather challenging for this loafer-wearing mock burglar to extract himself, but once free we're not sure what else the T-34 can do other than bleat helplessly while waiting for someone with arms to show up. Just the same, if you're looking to put a damper on your local criminal activity and have $9,000 to spare, Tmsuk will be happy to sell you one -- in about two years when they become available.

[Via SlashGear, thx Chris]