LG's Prada Link watch: not just for your Prada II anymore

Got a Prada Link Bluetooth watch? Of course you don't, but if you did, you'd be able to take comfort in the knowledge that your pricey, excessive accessory just got a little more useful. Good ol' smartWatchM has been updated to support the Prada Link, meaning that Windows Mobile sets of all kinds can now take full advantage of the watch's capabilities: time sync, call and text notifications, the whole nine yards. Like its Sony Ericsson, Fossil, and Abacus brethren, smartWatchM intends to eventually trick out the Prada Link to do some bonus stuff like to-do lists, weather reports, and more, which means it just got a little closer to practicality -- more than we can say for most Prada-branded products, eh?

[Thanks, maflow]