BRK's top ten weird things my WoW client is doing after installed

Daniel Howell
D. Howell|01.27.09

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Daniel Howell
January 27, 2009 8:00 PM
BRK's top ten weird things my WoW client is doing after installed

10. Blizz has given up on gold-ads and just made the Launcher scan my hard drive for credit card information, charge me $10, then I receive 5000 gold in an in-game email.

9. The Frogger gauntlet in Naxx has been moved to west-door of Ogrimmar. Alliance raids going for Thrall shall be forced to go through the front door.

8. The daily quest to steal 12 puppies for the walruses has been modified. We now have to hand out 12 packages of contraception to the Wolvar.

7. The hunter Beastmastery tree has a new talent, "Shutdah3llup", which adjusts all damage-meter addons so that the BM hunter's numbers are always 150DPS higher than anybody else's.

6. Warlocks get a new spell, "Invite2RaidPlz" which allows any warlock to transform into an Arcane-spec'd mage for five minutes
5. The success of Worg Tartar has apparently forced the creation of several sushi and sashimi recipes, using raw fish to make uber-tasty raid foods. /yum!

4. Winning a Wintergrasp battle apparently crashes the NY Stock Exchange, the FAA radar network, the SONUS nets in the northern Atlantic, the GPS satellite cluster, AT&T's 3G wireless capabilities, and makes all Texas Instrument calculators use reverse Polish notation. Hidden in the patch notes is a snippet of text that says, "this will never work, but WTH."

3. Deadmines is recreated as a 25-man raid instance, skill level above Naxxramas. Edward VanCleef is a level 83 raid boss who has 15 million health and a two minute enrage-timer. Bizarrely, none of the other NPCs in the instance have been upgraded.

2. The goblins have open a "House of Ill-Repute" in Dalaran, upstairs in the leatherworking shop. The LW-shopkeepers sell a variety of new "clothing" and "toys". More will be reported once Mrs. BRK quits staring over our shoulder.

1. It's official: Howling Fajord. All addon developers are scrambling to update their maps and quest-trackers, WoWWiki has already been updated with the correct pronunciation.
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