Leica's Safari Special Edition M8.2 wears olive drab, is anything but

Back in 2006 we were charmed by the classic looks and new-school tech offered by Leica's M8, and then again last year by its successor, the M8.2. Now the company has another update to woo us, confirmation of last year's rumor of an even more visually arresting version, the M8.2 Safari Special Edition. Its olive drab exterior makes it look like something you'd find slung around the neck of the Ernie Pyle's German WWII counterpart, an included waterproof bag means you can safely take this along for your next jungle adventure, and its 28mm f/2.8 ASPH lens should work well for capturing whatever you find out there -- big or small. Only 500 of these are set to be made, one of which can be yours for a typically excessive Leica price of $10,000.

[Via Impress]