Verizon touts 1 million BlackBerry Storms sold to date

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|01.28.09

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Verizon touts 1 million BlackBerry Storms sold to date

Well, it looks like the BlackBerry faithful have come out in full force to snag "Verizon's best-selling device," after all. Despite RIM's nightmarish "new reality," of half-baked firmware and broken dreams, Verizon has made it known that the latest 'Berry has grown to a full 1 million units sold between the November 21st launch and the end of January. Apparently the ever-leaking updates have kept enough people satisfied with the keyboardless device to reach this milestone, so we'll just keep our fingers crossed that the updates don't stop flowing and this powerhouse becomes the titan it has the potential to become.

[Via CrackBerry]

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