OCZ's 250GB Apex SSD reviewed, recommended

We know what you're thinking -- "great, another SSD." Right though you may be, OCZ's Apex line is rather unique. It manages to combine the low cost of MLC technology with the high performance more commonly associated with SLC designs by instituting a dual-controller RAID-0 configuration. The 250GB version that was tested by PC Perspective managed to hold its own, and while it still didn't wow critics the way Intel's X25-M did, it seemed to notch a very solid second place. In fact, they couldn't help but recommend it (and the much, much cheaper 120GB sibling) for those scouting a speedy upgrade without completely decimating the bank account. We couldn't possibly run down the results from the litany of benchmarks this thing endured, so we'll just point you to the read link and suggest you slice out a solid half hour to really look this over.