Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System gets reviewed

Let's get one thing straight up front: Epson's Ensemble HD Home Cinema System isn't right for everyone. In fact, we'd say it's right for only a small sect of individuals. You see, this all-in-one solution is really all-in-one, meaning that you'll not only have to be completely okay with each and every component, but you'll need a local installer to come and set everything up. For those looking to exert zero effort into their home theater system, this is the one to beat. E-Gear critics were able to have a sit with the 1080p version of the bundle, and while nothing was absolutely groundbreaking, everything seemed to function well enough. Video and audio were both satisfactory, and the fit and finish of everything was superb. If you've found yourself in that tiny niche of prospective buyers, you owe it to yourself to give the read link a look before throwing down thousands.