Blockbuster takes a hint, makes push for better digital distribution model

It's no secret that the movie lovers of the world are leaning more and more towards that instantly gratifying digital download option, and judging by Q4 numbers, we'd say Netflix has done a better job at exploiting that demand than rival Blockbuster. In a move we're honestly thrilled to see happen, the latter firm is apparently waking up and attempting to play catch-up. Here in the past week Blockbuster has hired on former Philips executive Kevin Lewis as Senior Vice President of Digital Entertainment, a spot that'll be responsible for "strengthening commitment to multi-channel entertainment delivery." Additionally, Robert Barr was selected as VP to, a move that signals the company's seriousness about getting its online division formidable. As easy as it is to kick the guy that's already down, no consumer in their right mind wants Netflix running this show solo -- there's a word for that type of situation, and it ain't good for your wallet.

[Image courtesy of Manda Mia]

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