CasaTools announces CasaTunes Xle Multi-Room Music Server

It's a month or so late, but those eager to get their hands on a new music server from the labs of CasaTunes are probably willing to forgive the brief delay. The multi-room device, which was announced last September at CEDIA, is finally shipping to those interested. Dubbed the CasaTunes XL, it comes stocked with a capacious 250GB hard drive (which, honestly, sort of pales in comparison to WD's newest 2TB monster), touchscreen controls and the ability to shuffle between up to nine different sources. A few different model options are available, but you can get started for as low as $1,499.

Update: CasaTunes wrote in to say that the CasaTunes XLi Music Server is available now, while the CasaTunes Xle and the CasaTunes Xle Music Server are expected to be available in a few weeks.