AT&T and DirecTV launch partnership, offer up quad-play bundle

AT&T joined up with DirecTV for TV services months ago, but the partnership is now retail-official, and AT&T reps should be fully versed in how bundling services can save you some dough. What's really interesting, however, is the "quad-play" that the new partnership is offering over cable by adding wireless service to the TV/phone/internet trio. In this arms race that threatens to catch up the blades-per-razor contest, expect to see connections between content on your TV, PC and cell phone in the future (assuming you're in a market that receives all four services). Sounds like echoes of Homezone all over again, doesn't it? Of course, cable has similar plans in the works, especially cable companies that picked up some space from last year's 700MHz auction; but still, a first is a first.

[Thanks, Vanbrothers]

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