ELAN kicks off its Elios architectural speaker line with 19 models

Steven Kim
S. Kim|02.02.09

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ELAN kicks off its Elios architectural speaker line with 19 models
ELAN Elios architectural speakers
ELAN Home Systems is bringing a classic formula to its new Elios lineup of 19(!) in-wall and in-ceiling speakers: innovative construction, new materials and "voicing" by ear. The easy-to-use drywall clamping system and baffles that can be aimed to direct sound into the listening area are nice, but don't really get our non-installer blood pumping. The metallic nano coating used on the tweeters that promises to combine the strengths of both soft dome and metallic drivers, however, does sound interesting. Top this all off with designs that incorporate actual listening during development (as opposed to simulated in a computer), and these speakers might just warrant a listen if you're shopping for some in-wall/ceiling speakers. With 19 models (for now) and prices ranging from $200 - $1,500 per pair, there's probably something that will fit your requirements; pity there's no THX certification at the expensive end of the range, though.
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