EVE Evolved: The top ten EVE videos of all time

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EVE Evolved: The top ten EVE videos of all time

Whether you like EVE Online or hate it, I think everyone can agree that it's a visually stunning game. Combined with the enthralling PvP experiences to be had in the game, it's not surprising that the game lends itself well to making some excellent videos. Films of EVE gameplay have been around since EVE began and large fleets now routinely bring a camera specialist pilot in a cloaked covert ops frigate to film their action. With the release of the premium client and the proliferation of good video editing software, the quality of EVE videos has improved significantly over the past few years.

In this article, I run down my list of the top ten EVE videos of all time.

10 – EVE Never Fades
In many ways this official trailer from late 2005 deserves to score higher than the number ten slot. It's a testament to the ever-increasing quality of EVE videos that in recent years many official and player-made videos have surpassed its quality. This was a video that redefined how EVE trailers should look and feel, spurring creative efforts that have since brought us much more impressive works. For giving us that pioneering glimpse into how good EVE videos could be, "EVE Never Fades" will never fade.

9 – Quantum Rise videos
The quantum rise trailer and the coronation of Empress Jamyl I are the latest official videos from CCP and are very visually impressive. It's clear a lot of work and time has gone into their production. They only fit in at the number nine slot however as I can't help but feel cheated when watching them. The older trailers made a selling point of the impressive in-game graphics by using only in-game footage. The latest trailers have freed themselves of that constraint but in doing so I get the inescapable feeling that what they're showing me isn't EVE. The videos suffer from a distinct lack of verisimilitude and consequently I find it hard to get into them. Not only did the events depicted never happen in-game but they physically couldn't happen. For their dedication to pushing the storyline and the impressive visuals though, the latest videos grab my number nine slot.

8 – The Angel Cartel (Push Eject)
While the newest official trailers include pre-rendered footage, some players have created more impressive videos using only in-game footage. "The Angel Cartel (Push Eject)" by "Kyoko Sakoda" is one of those videos. It's about the Angel Cartel pirate faction and attempts to offer an insight into the pirate underworld. Kyoko, who has since been hired to the famous Veto corporation, created this fast-paced video from scenes of his own piracy. The choice of music, superb composition and after-effects all meld together to give this video a unique style. Kyoko warns, however, that the fast-paced scenes and flashing imagery may not be suitable for sufferers of epilepsy.

7 – No Other Destiny
This was CCP's first major trailer following the release of "EVE Never Fades" and it's clear their skills had improved significantly. Released mid 2006, this video made use of new advanced camera features and other tools developed specifically for video making in EVE. It showcased each of the four race's Titans and depicted a superweapon being deployed. Considering that it's over two years old, the visuals in this video have aged surprisingly well and the composition remains strong. This video is available on youtube and the official trailer webpage.

6 – Darwin's contraption trailers
Posted in mid 2005 by Evolution corp, the first trailer was intended as a sneak-peak trailer for a future series of videos. The video was created by extracting the ship models from the game, adding extra detail and composing scenes in a 3D rendering suite. The result was the most graphically impressive EVE video ever created and massive calls for the first episode to be completed. Although the first episode, named "Darwin's Contraption", was discussed in a featured article in EON magazine and a second equally impressive trailer was released, the actual episode never materialised. Additionally, since the release of the premium client has improved the real ship models, it's doubtful whether the versions they created would be as impressive as most of us hope. For its amazing quality in 2005 and for inspiring masses of people to work on their own EVE videos, these two trailers have to grab the number six spot.
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