The Queue: To fly or not to fly

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|02.02.09

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The Queue: To fly or not to fly

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Starting this week, we have a little change coming to The Queue. Adam Holisky and I will be tag-teaming the column, taking turns writing it each day. Today is me, Alex. Tomorrow is Adam. The day after is me. The day after that is him. I think you get the picture. It'll let both of us do a lot more work on the site as a whole, while still keeping The Queue fresh and awesome. I think it'll work out well!


Did they remove the ability to buy Ruby Shades from Haris Pilton? I camped them for a while and the never spawned.

Yep, it looks like the Ruby Shades are long gone. That's how the world of fashion goes, I suppose. 2000 gold to 5 copper to nobody even wants to make them anymore. If you want these retro specs, you'll need to hit the auction house and hope someone is trying to unload their old and outdated clothing.

ROFLAMO asked...

What is the whole problem between Booty Bay and the Goblins and the Bloodsail Buccaneers? I don't get it.

It's a pirate war! Two groups of pirates can never get along very well, you know. Any treaties or truces will only last as long as it's convenient. It's as simple as Booty Bay cutting into Bloodsail profits and vice versa. That's really all there is to it.

Arugula asked...

Hey uh, so not to ask awkward questions, but why are the scourge still invading us? I had a handle on it when they were being controlled by the Burning Legion, but why would Arthas/Ner'zhul have an interest in eradicating all humans/orcs?

There's a lot of flavor text in the game that suggests the Scourge truly believes 'life in undeath' is better than regular ol' life. Roll up a Death Knight and read the books and signs scattered throughout Acherus during the newbie quests. There are some texts by Kel'thuzad and other Scourge figures that describe undeath as some sort of utopia. There are no racial barriers, there's no concept of social status, no worrying about how you look or how grand your possessions are. You just (un)live, and that's all.

It's pretty likely that Ner'zhul just wants a tool against the Burning Legion so he can get his revenge, but there are a lot of Scourge figures that actually seem to like the idea of unity in death.

Chris asked...

I've been 80 now for a couple weeks on my DK but don't have the time to raid, let alone gear up for heroics just quite yet. So, to get my daily dose of WoW - I've resorted back to leveling alts. With my main as a DK I am able to maintain a good chunk of change, should I fess up and get a flying mount or spread the wealth and get my 60+ alts the 100% riding skill? In the end I guess its just in-game money, but seeing other chars with netherwings etc, seems pretty fun and a great way to see new content.

Personally, I love my flying mount. I don't think I would enjoy parts of the game nearly as much without it. It lets you move around the world so much faster, and opens up content you otherwise couldn't do, like the Netherwing Ledge as you mentioned there. There's a ton of cool mounts too. If you're that sort of player, collecting them can be a fun little thing.

Alts are fun and all, but I personally cannot imagine not having at least one character with flight or epic flight. It's a huge deal for me.
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