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India 'unveils' $20 laptop, the Sakshat

India 'unveils' $20 laptop, the Sakshat
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|February 3, 2009 12:42 PM

As expected, India's government unveiled the jointly-developed "$10 laptop" today, now priced at $20. Unfortunately dubbed Sakshat, which ironically translates as "before your eyes," the laptop is slated to ship in six months, with specs in line with what we've heard already: 2GB of storage, WiFi, Ethernet and 2 watts of power consumption. In fact, there really isn't much "unveiling" going on at all, since there's still no published image of the thing, or information about the screen size, RAM or processor. Some folks are also still skeptical as to whether a laptop can really be produced at such a low cost, since most LCDs alone would put it over budget, but we suppose we'll find out this summer. The laptop itself won't be subsidized, but the government will shoulder 25 percent of the cost of broadband for colleges, and there will be free e-learning textbooks available to students online.
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