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Klipsch horns in on DTV transition madness

In a bit of a creative leap, loudspeaker manufacturer Klipsch is launching a marketing campaign that ties in with the (probably soon-to-be delayed) DTV transition. We're on board with the catchphrase "A high-def picture demands high-def sound," but let's be clear -- the DTV transition isn't going to bring 24/7 high-def video to all your OTA channels, and it certainly isn't going to mean high-def sound will be filling the airwaves, either. Like we said, though, it's hard to deny the fact that most people aren't aware of how atrocious most TVs sound, or how spending a little money on some new speakers can really increase their enjoyment of their systems. Klipsch is hoping its HD Theater 300, 500 and 1000 systems are an ear- and wallet-opening experience for them. So, are you willing to forgive a bit of a marketing stretch for a good cause, or do you lump this right in with cable companies using the DTV transition to scare customers into digital tiers?