SIM2 Solar Series infinite contrast HDR LCD ships in Q2

After several years high dynamic range LCD technology is finally ready for market, now that SIM2 and Dolby are showing off this Solar Series 47-inch screen at the 2009 Integrated Systems Europe show. Just like last year's prototype, it's both brighter (4,000 cd/m2) and has a greater contrast ratio than any flat panel currently available. The 2,206 LEDs can provide up to an infinite contrast ratio and supposedly match real world visuals thanks to 16 bit color processing. The only bad news is that even with a name change to Dolby Vision, that ugly wide bezel from the BrightSide days still remains. We'll have to wait until closer to the Q2 shipping date to find out the price, but with SIM2's high end reputation it won't be cheap.

Update: SIM2 pinged us to say that only the professional version will be available in Q2. The "consumer unit" won't be formally launched in the US until CEDIA this September.