Ask Engadget HD: Can a projector really serve as my main HDTV?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.04.09

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Ask Engadget HD: Can a projector really serve as my main HDTV?

Okay, so we've had the HDTV vs. HD projector talk before, but this is different. We're talking about your main set -- the one that everyone gathers around each and every night to enjoy. The one that your spouse and kids have to like. Yeah, that one.

"So, I'm considering something pretty crazy. I'm thinking of getting rid of my big 65-inch HDTV and just using an HD projector with a 70-inch screen instead. Would this work? I can control the lighting in my den just fine, but I'm not sure if I'd go crazy with my room mostly dark the majority of the time. Are there any HD projectors out there that can also operate nicely in dimly lit rooms without costing me a fortune? Help!"

Yeah Tyler, "crazy" is a good description here. We can't say we'd wholeheartedly recommend it, but maybe we haven't seen the perfect projector to make your scenario feasible. Any tips, readers?

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