Incoming hot fixes and other bugs

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Incoming hot fixes and other bugs
There are a number of hot fixes and a couple notable bugs we wanted to bring to your attention. Ideally all these will be fixed soon, according to our standards and not according to Blizzard's definition of soon.

First is the Malygos bug where Circle of Healing and Wild Growth were not function when a player was in a Vortex. Ghostcrawler has posted that this will be getting fixed in the next couple of days. I wouldn't be surprised if this is fixed tonight.

Daelo, the lead encounter designer, also came out today and said the following with regard to what they're looking at: "We're checking into the various issues noted here, including why his cone breath hits targets behind his centerpoint, issues with malygos deciding to attack in phase 2, and trying to make the defense bubble's protection work even if you enter the bubble in between the time a missile is launched and when it lands."

Guardian Spirit isn't procing when you get more than one killing blow more or less simultaneously. Slorkuz acknowledges the bug and a hotfix should be coming out quickly.

In Strand of the Ancients we've seen those Alliance noobs always be on defense. Apparently this is by design right now, and they're going to be fixing this in a future patch so that either team has equal chance of starting on offense or defense.

Finally, Maaven is looking for everyone's help identifying the Sapphiron bug where the frost DoT is apparently ticking twice, or in someway applying twice the damage. There is a thread about it over on the official forums. You are asked to provide screenshots of a time-stamped combat log, and not third party sources (like WWS).

It seems like Blizzard is still in bug-fix-it mode, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see 3.0.8b next Tuesday if they continue to track down and solve these and other issues.
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