MIT concocts wearable "sixth sense" device, Bruce Willis is like "what?"

We've nothing but respect for the researchers, engineers and all around brainacs that call MIT home, but unless our minds are simply too feeble to grasp the connection here, we can't figure how this "sixth sense" device actually relates to one of Bruce Willis' most well known films. At any rate, what we do have here is a wearable device that is comprised of a mobile projector, a webcam and a cellphone -- a package that was thrown together for around $300. Once strapped on, signals from the webcam and projector are relayed to internet-connected smartphones in order to project data onto basically any backdrop. Somehow, the device can even "take photographs if a user frames a scene with his or her hands, or project a watch face with the proper time on a wrist if the user makes a circle there with a finger." The actual hows and whys seem to be a mystery, but if we had just developed a gizmo as ripe for commercialization as this, we'd probably keep most of the secrets under wraps as well.

[Via Blorge]