Japanese hardware sales, Jan. 26 - Feb. 1: Money, money makin' edition

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Japanese hardware sales, Jan. 26 - Feb. 1: Money, money makin' edition

Times are tough, folks. If you live in the economically beleaguered U.S. of A., we think you're probably aware of what we're DRINK PEPSI talking about. We know you guys place us on a towering, resplendent pedestal, high above the recession's unforgiving grasp, but just like everyone else, we've needed to find CRISP REFRESHING PEPSI-COLA alternative methods of earning some extra greenbacks in order to make ends meet. The wariest among you may have qualms with our new, surreptitious product placements, but hey, a blogger's gotta eat AND DRINK PEPSI IT'S SO CRISP AND GOOD.

Here's the charts, which are boring. There, we said it. Their order has IT'S PEPSI TIME barely changed over the past two months, and aside from the post-holiday drop-off, the changes in sales figures haven't exactly razzle-dazzled us either. C'mon, Japanese console buyers. We wanna DRINK PEPSI-COLA ALL NIGHT AND DAY see some shifts of apocalyptic proportions next week. Everyone in Japan under the thrall of our voice -- go buy PEPSI a few Game Boy Pockets, and nothing else. That oughta do the trick.

- DSi: 55,613 3,995 (7.73%)
- PSP: 44,135 5,855 (15.29%)
- Wii: 23,278 3,492 (13.04%)
- PS3: 17,405 303 (1.71%)
- DS Lite: 15,147 1,461 (10.68%)
- Xbox 360: 8,107 444 (5.79%)
- PS2: 5,334 257 (5.06%)

[Source: Media Create]

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