Examining a new threat for the Old Republic

Over the weekend it was announced that The Old Republic would be arriving much sooner than expected. In comic book format, at least. The Threat of Peace will be an ongoing webcomic series written by one of BioWare's finest and produced by the same folks that handle the Dark Horse title Knights of the Old Republic. We had the chance to learn more about this undertaking thanks to an interview with the comic's writer over at IGN. Their discussion with Mr. Rob Chestney unveils a number of different infobits, including who will be doing art on the project (Alex Sanchez).

According to Chestney the writers on the comic have a very specific length in mind, but they're open to more spin-off stories if the series does well. Readers will have the chance to familiarize themselves with characters they'll see in-game; as the comic will act as a sort of prequel to the Old Republic MMO, we should all have a greater appreciation for those characters when we meet them on quests. They'll apparently be posting three pages a week starting on the 27th, and that publishing rate should increase as they closer to the game's launch. Check out the interview for full details, and we'll be sure to give you a heads up when the first comics drop.