Global Agenda Q&A explains Hi-Rez Studios approach to sci-fi MMO

James Egan
J. Egan|02.11.09

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Global Agenda Q&A explains Hi-Rez Studios approach to sci-fi MMO
More opportunities for sci-fi MMO gaming will present themselves in the coming years, and we've been taking a closer look at these in-development titles. One such game that we've written about is Global Agenda, an MMO that uses Unreal Engine 3, which its developer Hi-Rez Studios describes as a futuristic "spy-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict." recently ran a Q&A with Todd Harris, Executive Producer for Global Agenda: "Top Three Questions about Global Agenda... Answered!" The developer journal addresses the fact that Global Agenda is more about tactics than twitch. Despite being a (third person) shooter, the game has RPG elements. Harris writes, "... your character actions and contributions affect the outcome of a single mission (like an FPS), your character career (like and RPG), and your agency's long-term Campaign goals (like a strategy game.)"
The developer journal also explains Global Agenda's persistent single world (one world or server per geographic market), and what the strengths and limitations of the implementation will be. Have a look at the piece at for more details on the game experience Global Agenda will bring to the MMO world.
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