Valentine's Day: last minute, last resort gifts

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|02.10.09

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Valentine's Day: last minute, last resort gifts
Sure: you could get your sweetheart some totally awesome gadget -- our pages have numberless examples of all the finest that tech has to offer. But did it ever cross your mind that maybe -- just maybe -- what your beloved actually wants is... something light-hearted (preferably heart-shaped)? Go ahead and bite the bullet this year, get him / her something cute: we promise, your sensitivity will be rewarded with um... eternal love. Need suggestions? Sure, why not try the bedazzling, Swarovski-encrusted Crystal Heart Mouse. This puppy comes in three lovey-dovey flavors, each of which is $79.99 -- a triflingly small price to pay for this luxurious token of your affection, right? Check the rest out after the break.

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If that's a little too "tech savvy" (or expensive) for your lover, well, you can always go the gag-gift / slightly offensive route, and get him / her the Kiss-o-Meter, which is essentially a breathalyzer for your... breath, meaning it rates your breath, kindly letting you or your companion if you're ready for a smooch. These lovely little devices are available for $30 at your local Urban Outfitters.

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Okay, so this one's not heart-shaped or anything, but it's the kind of gift we actually might really like receiving (hint, hint). This set of Photoshop magnets promises to give your Magnetic Poetry a run for its money, and the set also comes on a magnetic board, if the actual refrigerator is too amateur for you. You'll be making fake-Photoshop art in no time, but fair warning: they're a hefty $65.

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And finally, if you have a single friend you'd like to embarrass / remind of their solo-ness on Valentine's Day, the Mr. / Mrs. Perfect USB Companion ought to do the trick. This mildly offensive-looking item will sit on your desk and "speak" to you all day long, with settings for either positive messages, or mildly titilating, "cheeky" ones. Right: because being single means you'll really think it's awesome to hear sexual innuendos from a 3.5-inch tall chunk of plastic. Seriously, who do they have in mind with this one? Anyway: they're $4.99 -- if you're still interested in being unutterably cruel. And you are, right?

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