Archos 10 netbook reviewed: a little rough around the edges

C'mon, did you really expect Archos to knock this out of the park on its first go? Okay, so we sort of did too, but we're not baffled to hear that the Archos 10 could've used a few more days in the oven before hitting primetime. According to a review at Laptop, the unit does have one of the better software stacks, and the speedy hard drive led to some remarkably hasty boost times. That said, the $399 admission price puts it up against some pretty stiff competition, with the Aspire One D150 and the Eee PC 1000HE both offering up more longevous batteries and more comfortable keyboards. In the end, it boiled down to critics preferring the long life and comfy typing over the above-average software suite, but true Archos fanboys may be willing to overlook its drawbacks to still fall in love.