Namco Bandai announces intent to purchase D3 Publisher

It looks like even a crack squad of bikini-clad samurai won't be able to hold off an acquisition of D3 by fellow Japanese publisher Namco Bandai. That latter has revealed plans to effectively buy out D3 by purchasing all of its stock. Namco has already made deals with D3's board which have resulted in it obtaining a 70% stake in the company. It has offered to purchase the remaining 30% at a share price of ¥62,000 (US$686)

In a press release announcing the proposed buyout, Namco notes that D3 would benefit from Bandai's reach into other mediums (toys, TV, arcades, movies/music); the sharing of game engine technology; cooperative development of mobile titles; and the rights to use Namco-owned properties (characters, etc.) in its Simple series of budget games.

We'll let you know when -- and if -- D3 has tekken the offer.

[Via VG247]

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