Windows 7 upgrade details released?

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|02.12.09

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Windows 7 upgrade details released?

The kids over at Tech Arp got their hands on a draft of Microsoft's Windows 7 upgrade scheme. According to the the document, titled "The Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Program Rev. 2.1," Vista machines purchased from participating vendors after July 1st will be eligible for an upgrade to the new OS, whenever it comes out -- in a similar manner to the XP - Vista switchover. The idea here is to forestall a sales slump in the lead up to the new OS release. Upgrades will be tier-for-tier, with Vista Home Premium users getting to switch up to Windows 7 Home Premium when the time is right, Vista Business to Windows 7 Professional, and Vista Ultimate users getting an upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. Additionally, 32-bit to 64-bit upgrades will not be allowed -- but folks using the 32-bit version will get to perform a clean install of the 64-bit version, if that's what their heart desires. Lastly, a system that has a valid Vista license but is running XP under the downgrade scheme will be allowed to perform a fresh install of Windows 7. You got all that? Good.

Update: Responding to the leak, a Microsoft spokesperson delivered the following statement: "We are not announcing anything new at this time." That's what is known in the biz as the "non-announcing announcement." We'll let you know if anything changes.

[Via SlashGear]
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