Lenovo said to be prepping 12-inch IdeaPad S20 netbook

This one's nowhere near official just yet, but DigiTimes is reporting that Lenovo is set to expand its netbook line to include a 12-inch model in the form of the Atom-powered IdeaPad S20 (no doubt not too dissimilar to 10-inch S10 pictured above). While there's expectedly no word on complete details, DigiTimes does say that the netbook would come equipped an Atom N280 processor and Intel's GN40 chipset, along with Windows XP, and cost about $586. It also says that since the 12-inch screen size falls outside of Intel's definition of a netbook, Lenovo would have to pay the full, non-preferential price for the Atom processor (about ten bucks more), although it's not clear if that's also been the case with something like the Dell Mini 12, which also pairs an Atom processor with a 12-inch screen.

[Via The Inquirer]