Novatel Wireless' GSM MiFi 2352 premieres with Telefonica Espana

While lacking the decidedly stylin' brushed metal housing seen in its CDMA sibling, we're alright with the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2352, as it brings the GSM. Running a Linux-based OS, the MiFi can support up to five users connected within a 10 meter (roughly 30 feet) range using a SIM card from your provider (in this case, Telefonica Espana) to grab a data connection and share that over WiFi. Plans are afoot to add apps to the device adding functionality like email sync, VPN connectivity all stored on internal memory or through the up to 16GB of expanded microSD memory. While the PR we've seen doesn't give the nitty-gritty specs involved here, we'd go out on a limb and suggest that 3G has to be in there, and at a price point that'll make it attractive enough to pick up as a data only device. Oh, an hopefully some sort of access control can be arranged, as having the entire world near you stealing your internets would hurt.