Samsung OmniaHD hands-on, now with more TouchWiz

Its TouchWiz implementation is still a little raw -- first time they've done this on S60, so we'll cut them some slack -- but otherwise, we're seriously stoked by everything we've seen of the OmniaHD this week. The display simply has to be seen to be believed, clocking in at a breathtaking 3.7 inches -- and we noticed that it has a rather uncanny capability for washing out any other display within striking distance. Check out this Memoir here, held side-by-side for comparison: taken alone, the thing has a gorgeous display, but it pales in comparison to that glorious AMOLED alongside (also notice how the already-large Memoir gets dwarfed by the OmniaHD's massive package). Despite its size, the phone was comfortable in the hand -- and even in its rickety pre-beta state, the firmware was really flying through crazy 3D transitions, so we're hopeful that this is going to be one of the most desirable phones of the year when it hits. Follow the break for a video tour of the interface!