VC Tuesday: Super Darius finds Fun! in The Lost Stars

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VC Tuesday: Super Darius finds Fun! in The Lost Stars
To NES-only kids, Sega's Alex Kidd games must have seemed like a really weird choice for Sega's flagship series: some rambling platformers with a not-so-appealing main character, completely different settings each time, and rock-scissors-paper for some reason. To people who grew up with Master Systems at home, however, they were ... still really weird. The Lost Stars is the most Mario-like of the bunch, with simple running and jumping in place of Miracle World's block-breaking and janken, but it is really, really freaky. Like "nude, mohawked enemies who shake their butts at you, somehow resulting in skull projectiles" freaky.

Super Darius 2 lacks rump shaking, but manages to be a good shooter regardless. Both games are out in Japan on the Virtual Console today.
The single WiiWare release is Shin'en's Fun! Fun! Minigolf, whose title actually increases the fun content of the game.
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