Ask Engadget HD: Netflix or Blockbuster -- best by-mail rental service?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.18.09

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Ask Engadget HD: Netflix or Blockbuster -- best by-mail rental service?

Ah, the question we've been waiting for has finally arrived. With the economy leading more and more individuals to search for entertainment at home, many are wondering which movie rental service to sink their hard-earned dollars into. Take it away, Brandon:

"I'm looking to subscribe to either Netflix or Blockbuster for movie rentals, but I wanted some input from current users first. Which service is superior? Has anyone used both? I'm talking about the by-mail option, there aren't enough new releases available online for me to worry about. A little guidance, please?"

We know, it'll be difficult to quell your fanboyism here, but let's try to stick with facts and figures, okay? Has Blockbuster and / or Netflix treated you right / wrong? Let's hear it!

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