Ubisoft programmer lists 'Rabbids Go Home' on (raving) resume

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Ubisoft programmer lists 'Rabbids Go Home' on (raving) resume
Back in October, a trademark appeared in the US trademark database for a piece of "game software" called Rabbids Go Home. According to the résumé of programmer Julien Delezenne, it's -- surprise! -- a Wii game from Ubisoft. Apparently, it's also still in the works, at least as of whenever this document was compiled: Delezenne has been working on it from "November 2007 - Present."

Delezenne describes his duties on the title as relating to the "Engine and Tools on the LyN technology ... " Now here's where it gets a bit interesting. He said that he works on that technology "for Rabbids Go Home (Wii) and Beyond Good & Evil 2 (360/PS3)." Shared technology between a super-silly Wii minigame sequel and the high-profile 360/PS3 adventure title? It's promising for the state of Ubisoft's budgets, but also kind of hilarious.
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