World of Warcraft guild leader wins Oscar (no, really)

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|02.24.09

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World of Warcraft guild leader wins Oscar (no, really)
Apparently last night was an Oscars evening. Didn't you know? Well, we sure didn't -- but that's besides the point. As it turns out, one particular winner in the visual effects category was Steve Preeg, who's also a guild leader in World of Warcraft. Now it'd be one thing to say he played the game, but to be the leader of an active guild means he plays the game.

In fact WoW Insider was informed via one of Preeg's guildies that he's not only a guild leader in the game, but that he plays a Combat Rogue with 450 (that'd be maxed) Enchanting and Inscription and runs a progression guild that's downed almost everything the game has to offer.

We can't turn down this chance to offer props to Mr. Preeg on his epic loot drop last night. That blue is most assuredly sitting somewhere prominent at his home, likely somewhere close to where he plays World of Warcraft -- at least when he's not making award winning feature films. Is this guy some kind of machine or what?

[via WoW Insider]
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