MCM Custom Audio's $100 5-channel speaker system gets the nod from Audioholics

MCM Custom Electronics 50-908 speakers

It's easy to lust after multi-kilobuck speakers, but when it comes to audio, most people are pretty happy grabbing a HTIB system off the shelf, running some lamp cord and calling it a day. No doubt, convincing people of the value in good, discrete multichannel speakers is an uphill battle. Kudos to the MCM Custom Audio 50-908 5-channel speaker system, which comes in at just over $100 bucks -- for all five channels! This little system made up of four 50-9085 bookshelf speakers and one 50-9080 center earned itself a pretty favorable review at Audioholics. When used within the limitations of its faux-metal plastic drivers and sealed MDF cabinets (as opposed to blow-molded plastic), the small speakers filled a modest sized room with a wide soundstage and good tonal balance at moderate volumes. Before you put that HTIB in your cart, check out the full review; the $100 entry ticket might just get you hooked on this whole audio thing, but at least you'll have a good place to start upgrading from.