Acer's easyStore H340 says hello Atom, hello Windows Home Server

Discounting CyberPower's misnomer, we haven't seen a proper Windows Home Server to compete with HP's MediaSmart in quite some time. Thankfully Acer is up to the challenge, at least in Japan, announcing its new easyStore H340 series, initially available in two flavors: S1 for those who need just 1TB of storage and the S2 for those who want three times that. (Yes, S3 seems like a more appropriate name to us, too.) Other than the number of drives internally (one for the S1, three for the S2) the machines are the same, sporting a 1.6GHz Atom 230, 1GB of memory, and four internal drive bays. Naturally both offer all the WHS tricks, like remote backup of networked computers and plenty of media streaming, tricks they'll start turning in Japan on March 6th at the cost of about $600 for the S1 and $900 for the S2.