CyberPower intros Atom-powered Windows Home Server 100

The Windows Home Server parade has slowed to a crawl, but we figure we speak for each and every streaming media lover out there when we invite more companies to give this whole thing a go. CyberPower, a firm that generally sticks to gaming towers, has apparently done just that with its Windows Home Server 100, a plainly styled SFF machine that automatically backs up local PCs and provides networked access to all sorts of files. But for those who look closely, you'll realize that the model name here is just coincidental, as it's "Windows 2003 Server OEM version" running the show. If you're still interested, the rig boasts a 1.6GHz Atom 330 processor, a mini-ITX motherboard, GMA 950 graphics, gigabit Ethernet, a 500GB SATA II hard drive and 2GB of DDR2 memory. Shame on you for getting our hopes up, CyberPower.