Future Final Fantasy XI update to expand Fields of Valor, Moblin Maze Mongers

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|03.01.09

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Future Final Fantasy XI update to expand Fields of Valor, Moblin Maze Mongers

Square-Enix has informed Final Fantasy XI players that the next big content patch will be delivered in April, and players have much to look forward to. The Fields of Valor and Moblin Maze Mongers systems will be expanding, due to their warm reception at the hands of FFXI players.

Fields of Valor
is the new questing system placed in the game that allows players to be rewarded with handsome amounts of experience and gil for taking down monsters in certain areas of the world in addition to the standard exp and rewards that the monster already gives, much like a World of Warcraft "kill quest." The difference is in completing these quests the player will receive a new type of currency, tabs, that give access to temporary buffs and home nation teleports at any Field Manual placed in the game.

Moblin Maze Mongers is FFXI's "create a dungeon" system, allowing players to form their own dungeons and run through them for experience, money, and special items that can only be obtained from these "do-it-yourself" dungeons.

The full details will be announced soon, but we'll keep our ear to the ground for you to bring you all of the juicy details.
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