Fujitsu Siemens introduces "zero-watt" Esprimo 7935 PC

Calling it a "zero-watt" PC may be a bit of a stretch, but Fujitsu Siemens is nonetheless breaking a bit of new ground with its new Esprimo 7935 PC, which supposedly consumes no energy at all when it's powered off, as opposed to the one to four watts an average PC consumes unless it's actually unplugged. As you may recall, Fujitsu has already gotten in a bit of practice with its zero-watt monitor, although the PC takes things a bit farther by switching into in a low-power mode for a predetermined time period each day to get its necessary business done, after which it cuts the power off completely. According to Fujitsu, the PC also comes with a power adapter that's 89 percent efficient and, to add a bit more eco-friendly cred, it also conforms to the EPA's new Energy Star 5.0 standard. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any word of the PC's specs just yet, but we're assuming it's yet another variation on Fujitsu's current Esprimo 7935 PC (pictured above), which itself is available in a seemingly endless variety of configurations. Look for the zero-watt model to set you back between €600 and €700 (or $760 to $890) when it launches sometime around the middle of this year.