Maemo 5 gets Alpha SDK, Nokia fans rejoice

Nokia has just introduced the Maemo 5 Alpha devkit, especially for all you adventurous software developers who just can't wait to get your hands on the beta. The operating system of choice for Nokia's next round of Internet tablets, the SDK includes the new UI framework and five (count 'em!) new APIs, including: Location (for building location-aware apps), City Information (obtains information including city name, country name, and country code), Time management, Vibra service (triggers and controls vibrations), and Device orientation. According to, all the APIs are unlocked, the thing includes no documentation except auto-generated API references, and it "features a simplified UI implementation of the Desktop and the Application Menu." Additionally, the new OS supports hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and WVGA resolution. What are you waiting for? Hit the read link and start developin'.