Guildwatch: "Ok ready for summon"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.04.09

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Guildwatch: "Ok ready for summon"

We have to admit -- that takes chutzpah. Ziro stepped away from a progression raid, got summoned to Molten Core just to ding the achievement, and then asked for a summon back. And got it, even without being /gkicked. First of all, we're surprised he pulled it off -- if something had gone wrong on either side, he'd be out an achievement and a guild. But wow, we're really just amazed at his confidence. All he did was type "Ok ready for summon." And it worked.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how much you want to be entertained), not all guild runs go so smoothly. After the break, we've got the good, the recruiting, and the ugly. All the guild news fit to print in this week's Guildwatch after the link.

  • Apparently there's a scammer wandering around Uther who claims to be the alts of higher guild members and then ninjas the bank when he's invited to the guild. Our tipster recommends everyone who brings an alt into the guild pre-identify themselves when asking for an invite, but there's an even better way to do this: create an "alt" membership with no access to anything important at all. No promotions, no guild bank access, no ninja.
  • This one's tough to figure out (and unfortunately some of the forum posts have been deleted), but it's worth the payoff. Saiyanwarrior held a Tempest Keep PuG, and on vent claimed that he was going to take the Ashes of Al'ar if they showed up -- but only on Vent, so Coale and a few other raiders didn't ever hear him. After he (from their point of view) ninja'ed the Ashes, they posted multiple threads on the forums calling him out. Those threads are gone, but Saiyan's reply is still here, and it's a doozy. Bonus points to Dorik for attempting (not successfully, though it's not Dorik's fault -- you can't spin gold from straw) to make the rant readable.
  • As our tipster says, this isn't guild drama, but it is still funny. Wonder why the Chicago Sun-Times hasn't posted anything about the Love is in the Air achievements yet.
  • Jix is a young guildie who can't seem to find a home of his own. We first heard about him /gquitting from LoKi on EU Silvermoon -- he felt he hadn't been invited to enough raids, even though we're told he got invited to plenty. Jix has bounced around to quite a few guilds on the server -- he's tried getting into Fallen Protectors, though with his reputation, they've passed. We also hear that one of the reasons he never made it into guild runs much is because he always seems to be raid locked when the guild goes. Our recommendation? Jix needs to try and settle down and be a little more patient. That is, if he can get into any more guilds after all of this.
  • Hoffman from Alpha on Ysera ninja'ed from a PuG of all things (we're not sure why you'd ninja from a PuG if you're in one of the top ten guilds in the US, but whatever). His guildleader tried to get him to pay restitution, but he fled the server and changed his name -- keep an eye out for Hdizzle on Elune. Looks like Just Crusade may have picked him up already.
  • Lords of Ironforge on Mok'nathal have a new guild member. RL Raxius and officer Griselle gave birth to a new baby boy, and to celebrate, the guild ran through Naxx on a Friday night. Grats! They're also seeking raid healers and caster DPS to join for their raids. Maybe you should just get that kid powerleveled ASAP.
  • Wow, we don't get these very often, but when we do they're always golden. A flame thread on guild forums? Full of /gquitting, angry accusations and name-calling, AND huge dramatic paragraphs of text about something that's pretty silly? And wait, is that even an "absolute power corrupts absolutely" quote we see? Brilliant! Thank you, Clarity of EU Darkspear, for showing us how it's done.
  • Boy, the nerve of those guys in Seraphim Knights on Firetree. Lorlex came along, joined their guild out of pity, basically, completely trained all of their healers, and "established an amazing healing core out of nothing," and they had the nerve to kick him just because he was a jerk who was more concerned about showing off his spot on the top of the healing meters than having fun and getting along with everybody else in the guild. I mean, c'mon, are they going to kick one of the greatest healers in the game just because he's an entitled, arrogant punk? At least he's humble about it. C'mon, Dark, "you more than anyone knows my skills." Please let him back into your "lesser known guild with minimal talent." He would join back up with Serious Face (because, you know, he turned down an offer from them to join SK), but for some reason they're not returning his tells.
  • Kontrol crashed Shadowsong Avengers on Shadowsong... from the inside! We're not sure why he went to all the trouble, though.
  • Finally, fair warning: NLS on Zuluhead is a guild you probably want to stay away from. The NLS stands for "Ninja Looting Society," and the guild is made up of former ninjas who would probably take loot from your grandmother if they had the chance. We don't have any issues with these guys forming a guild together, of course -- even ninjas need friends. But what amazes us is that people are still going on runs with them.
  • Dragons End on Blackhand got back into the mix after reforming from Valiant -- they cleared out 10-man Naxx, as well as OS and VoA. They're recruiting all classes and builds, and will teach anyone the ins and outs of raiding and heroics.
  • Dauntless, a Horde guild on Eldre'Thalas decided to try Heroic Obsidian Sanctum the other day and cleared it with just 11 people. Very nice. Now try leaving the drakes alive!
  • Insurrection (Alleria-A) got their first kill of Malygos 25, and are fairly close to bringing down Sartharion with 2 drakes. They've dealt with real life issues and nerfs, but they're picking back up now, and every other boss in the endgame should probably start watching their back.
  • Sauce on Khadgar killed Heroic Sartharion with all three drakes still up, earning them the Heroic Twlight Zone achievement.
  • No Big Deal on Spirestone cleared out Naxx 10 for the first time. They're proud of themselves, not only because they're a small guild, but because they one-shotted everyone but the last boss in each wing, even with only two members having been there before.
  • Eventide of Garrosh did their 20 man runs a few weeks ago to finish off and earn Heroic: Glory of the Raider. Grats!
  • The Death Bringers on Azjol-Nerub-H completed Heroic Naxx with only 7 deaths on KT. Grats, and our condolences on your losses.
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon has cleared out Heroic Naxx, Archavon and Sartharion. Malygos is up next. They're also recruiting a Druid, Pally or Shaman and a Shadow Priest.
  • Valruth Fearim (Burning Legion) has dropped Sapphiron, and tackled Kel'thuzad soon after that.
  • Unyielding from Terenas downed Malygos 25 for the first time the other day. Congrats!
  • The raidng community Unity on EU Steamwheedle Cartel downed Heroic Sartharion with all three dakes up, completing all current content. They're looking forward to Ulduar after a job well done.
  • Defenders of Murlocs, a small guild on Silvermoon-H, downed Malygos 10 on the second night of attempting him. they went past the enrage timer, and lots of raiders died, but the last man standing dropped the dragon. They've got Naxx 10 on near-farm and are working on Sarth 2/3D now. They're also recruiting for a second 10-man team.
  • Daywalkers of Drak'Tharon-A has taken down Sarth with two drakes up. One more drake left, and they say they would love some more GMT / Euro / Daytime players to round the raiding roster.
  • Green Seraph on Earthen Ring completed their first full clear of Naxx 10, and even one-shotted Thaddius and Sapphiron on the very first tries.
  • At All Costs (on Eredar) downed 25-man Malygos and Sarth 2D soon after. 3D is all that's left.
  • Lethal Karma of Norgannon-A fully cleared Heroic Naxx for the second week in a row and downed 25 man Malygos for a guild first. Sarth 3D is all that's left for them, too.
  • Jungle Style on Windrunner rocked guild firsts on Malygos and Sarth 2D and then picked up the For the Alliance achievement. Grats!
  • Mint Rubbing of EU Hellscream finished off Sartharion 3D after about four or five nights of trying to get it done. They're also recruiting some Ret Pallies and a Hunter.
  • Entropy on EU Bronzebeard also dropped Sarth 3D after only three wipe nights. Glory of the Raider is up next, and by then Ulduar should be out.
  • Sinners and Saints (The Scryers) downed Sarth 2D after only 3 weeks of raiding in 25-mans. There's some drama here, too: they knocked Solace off of the top spot on Wowjutsu due to a recruit of theirs having downed Malygos 25 before the guild was even formed. They acknowledge that Solace is still number one ranked no matter what 'jutsu says, but they're closing the gap fast.
  • Bushido of Ravencrest had an incredible night last night in Naxxramas 10, downing Grobbulus, Gluth and Thaddius for guild firsts. They also attempted Sapphiron on a whim and succeeded. Kel'thuzad is on notice for next time. They're also looking for Pallies of any flavor, and could us a Boomkin, a SPriest, and a Rogue or two.
  • Gnomeland Security of EU Mazrigos cleared Naxx 10, Sath 10, and VoA 10. They're headed into Naxx 25 next. They're also recruiting: healers and tanks are welcome to apply, as long as you're ready to have fun while raiding.
  • Aspire on EU Emerald Dream-A has downed Malygos in their first raid of the Eye of Eternity. They now have all 10-man content down and are looking for more for a 25-man group.
  • Frostmourne on EU Bronze Dragonflight cleared out Heroic Naxx after edging out a victory over Kel'thuzad. They're also recruiting Shammy and Pally healers.
  • Sol Invictus is a semi-casual raiding guild on Kilrogg that narrowly survived a major guild hack/disband two weeks ago after the guild leader got a fun keylogger. They came back, though, and have now downed Sarth 1D. They are still looking for Shamans and Druids of all specs.
  • Reckless on Dragonblight-H downed Sartherion with all three drakes up. We hear there was tabard-only dancing on Krasus' Landing afterwards.
  • Southern Wardens of Proudmoore downed Malygos. They're also recruiting DPS and a healer or two in preparation for an early start in Ulduar.
  • UNKNOWN on Deathwing downed Sartharian 3D with a Void Walker as a main tank. We're not sure if that's kosher or not (probably not), but we'll put them up here anyway, for better or worse.
  • Northrend Travel Agency (Doomhammer-A) downed KT in Naxx 10 on their first attempt and are now headed for Naxx 25 and Malygos 10 (they wanted to put them on notice, but you can only put bosses on notice, not instances). They're also currently recruiting anything but tanks and Death Knights.
  • What a Terrible Idea on Thunderlord-A dropped Sartharion with all three pals. They've got Wrath on farm until Ulduar.
  • Ramming Speed of Eonar has cleared all current content in 10 man, save Sartharion 3D. They are up to 1D so far, so two more. They're also recruiting another healer, non-Pally preferred.
  • Ashes Of Serenity (Ravenholt) successfully cleared Mount Hyjal. They are actively clearing all the Burning Crusade Instances that they missed before the expansion came out.
  • Exile on Whisperwind has cleared out Naxx 25, Malygos 25, and even Sarth 3D 25 on their first attempts the other week. Very impressive.
  • Steady Hand of Rexxar prides themselves on being "softcore" -- they raid on average four nights a week (wait a minute -- that sounds pretty hardcore to me), and still joke around in guild and raid chat. They've got everything but Sarth 2/3D cleared out, and are now recruiting select classes for those encounters and Ulduar.
  • NEED A DISPENSER HERE of Darkspear-H are a progression-minded guild that has cleared all Wrath content except Sarth 3D (which is only a matter of time) and will be taking serious runs at Ulduar once it drops. They are actively recruiting Warlocks, Priests (disc and shadow), Boomkin and Elemental Shamans, but will consider all apps.
  • E M F of Perenolde-H is currently open for recruitment. They're seeking quality players of any class except Death Knights looking to apply. They run 25 mans three days a week and have multiple groups of 10 man raids throughout the week. Everything but Sarth 3D is down so far.
  • Awakén of Nagrand-H is recruiting ranged DPS and healers for 25-man progression. Naxx\OS\Malygos are all cleared on 10-man and 2+ wings in Naxx 25. They are a friendly and talkative guild with lots of good times on Vent, and they raid four nights a week.
  • Dark Phéonix on Blackhand is recruiting, looking for raiders to consistently run Naxx 10 and more on the weekends and just generally hang out and help each other during the week. They're a guild of casual raiders, but stress that doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing.
  • F U B A R on Vek'nilash is recruiting! They are working on downing Naxx10 (preferably as full-guild), and are progressing towards Sartharion 1D. They hope to get to all that WotLK has to offer, but need a bigger pool of people to draw on. Please be fun-loving, and preferably level 80.
  • Axiom is an easy-going raiding guild on Undermine that is recruiting for 25mans. They've got Naxx 10 on farm and are working on Malygos and Sarth 1D. They'll take anyone who's willing to act professional but still have a good time.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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