NAB throws down, sues FCC over white space internet

Look sharp, Julius: you may have thought the debate over white space internet was over since the FCC approved the Google- and Microsoft-backed plan and the industry's gearing up to make it reality, but part of the new gig is learning that nothing's ever over while NAB still has lawyers at its disposal -- the prickly broadcasting organization has filed suit to stop the tech from hitting the market. As usual, NAB says that despite all the convoluted geolocation sensing and interference detection measures the White Spaces Coalition promises to implement, TV signals will be interfered with, and that's not okay. Of course, we've heard all these arguments for years now, and while white space devices have had a rocky test history, they've been successful recently -- it seems like NAB is taking advantage of confusion at the FCC following the delayed DTV transition to try and pull the rug out while no one's looking. A bastard move, to be sure, but we doubt it's going to be successful -- going up against both the government and the heavy hitters of the tech industry is rarely a winning idea.