Champions Online video delves deep into the waters of Lemuria

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|03.05.09

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Champions Online video delves deep into the waters of Lemuria

We've been waiting for the first video featuring Lemuria to -- pardon the pun -- surface, and now we're happy to report that it's here! On top of the visually stunning fly through of Champions Online's mid-level underwater zone, IGN also has an interview with Bill Roper that covers a good amount of ground concerning the first questions that popped into our head when Lemuria was originally revealed.

Namely, Roper answers our burning questions on fire-based powers underwater and breathing mechanics. A pill developed by the in-game faction called UNTIL will allow heroes to breath with ease and for the sake of fun. Who wants to resurface every five or ten minutes, anyhow?

And as for the water-unfriendly powers, Cryptic is simply taking the "this is a comic book-based world" approach and not messing with anything. However, travel powers apparently aren't going to work underwater, which makes sense. We only hope there's some way to compensate people who spend some time underwater. Giving out a water propeller backpack after completing the first few quest chains couldn't hurt.
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