Peek finds that Costco customers greatly prefer lifetime subscriptions

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.06.09

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We're not about to say "we told you so," but Peek's own David Madden has contacted us with a detail so telling that we simply had to pass it on. In an effort to understand whether the email-only handheld really would sell better if not hamstrung by monthly fees, it has been offering it up in two forms at Costco. A "$44 + monthly fees" package and an all-inclusive "Peek-for-life" bundle that sells for $399. So far, a whopping 70 percent of sales have been for the lifetime Peek, despite the fact that said bundle is a Benjamin more expensive than Peek's own one-day lifetime sale earlier this year. He also goes on to say that this pricing strategy (the no monthly fees one) "may yet be vindicated," hinting that the model could become a permanent option in the future. Oh, and we told you so.
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