Capcom publicity stunt loses realistic fake limbs in London

A Capcom Europe publicity stunt for Resident Evil 5 took an unexpected turn when organizers lost some fairly realistic-looking (and quite) fake severed limbs. Gamezine reports the publisher held a competition in London earlier today, where participants were asked to find bloody body parts hidden around the city (the winner received a trip for two to Africa). Things went a tiny bit awry when not all the appendages were discovered by the limb hunters -- and were no longer found in the organizer's designated locations.

Capcom is asking people who find the limbs to return or dispose of them in a "careful manner." For "added gore," chicken livers were used to make the parts more realistic and could be harmful due to bacteria -- if you found a severed appendage in London, don't eat it. Although residents did complain to police during the competition, no charges were made. We're not even going to discuss what would have gone down if this stunt had been attempted in Manhattan.