BlackBerry 9900 "Pluto" spotted in leaked Rogers documents?

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|03.14.09

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BlackBerry 9900 "Pluto" spotted in leaked Rogers documents?
What's this little gem? According to a confidential / potentially dubious Rogers document landed by CrackBerry, it might be the BlackBerry 9900 -- or Pluto for you codename-loving types. Interestingly enough, this devices happens to look just like a Storm / Bold / 8900 Franken-Berry that we first caught wind of in October, packing a full QWERTY and a SurePress touchscreen like the one found in the Storm. We can't say for sure this is anything more than a clever Photoshop -- and that little "see page 99" bit on the bottom seems a bit too convenient of a number for our tastes. The trackball's noticeably absent from the four main navigation buttons, so we're already getting a little afraid of having to retain our BrickBreaker skills, but if any of you RIM insiders want to send over photos, video, or even the device itself before the "Late Q3 2009" presumed release timeframe, we'd be mighty glad to be proven wrong.

Update: Like they say, when it rains, it pours. CrackBerry just posted another purported shot, but the possibility of this being real is highly unlikely. Apparently, the mic hole in the original pic is a clear sign that this is just a 'shopped 8800 -- and now in this latest "leaked shot," it's gone. So, chalk another one up for those crazy jokesters that have a little too much time on their hands, because it looks like this one was a bit too good to be true.

[Thanks, Boy Genius]
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