Toys R Us action set features bootleg Kratos

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Andrew Yoon
March 17th, 2009
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Toys R Us action set features bootleg Kratos

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Are you ready for something "ridiculously awesome"? Reader Brett P. was shopping at a local Toys R Us when he spotted Tech Deck Dude's Serpent of Doom Action Set. Over four feet long, this toy features a rather familiar character riding a skateboard. The dual blades, goatee and red tattoo are distinctly Kratos-like, don't you think?

The toy launches pseudo-Kratos across a gap, featuring a large biting serpent. "Don't get caught!" We're not sure how well bootleg Kratos would fare in a fight against the serpent, but we know the PlayStation original would use a few QTEs and shred the beast in half.
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