Wizard 101 to include voice overs, shared bank feature

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|03.17.09

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Wizard 101 to include voice overs, shared bank feature

The team over at Kingsisle Entertainment isn't sitting on their hands while Wizard 101 racks up over 1 million accounts. The most recent update to the game will be bringing a voice to the many characters of the Ravenwood School, as well as a new utility for those who play multiple characters.

Voice overs for all of the characters in Wizard City and Krokotopia have been added as of March 16th, and the other areas of Marleybone, Moo Shu, and Dragonspyre will be soon to follow. These voice overs will be added to all of the quests, NPCs, cinematics, and boss encounters in the game, making everything a little bit more colorful.

Players who play multiple characters will also love the new shared bank feature, which allows you to share one dorm room space amongst all of your characters. So, if you find something that would benefit one of your other five characters, worry no longer!
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